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Meeting Notes

 During the Lambretta Jomboree On Saturday Night 7/9/07 we held a meeting for our attending club members. Here is a re-cap.

   1.)  The directory. Although it was our first printed attempt, improvements need to be made.
A.)  Members input included switching to a different layout that will make it easier to read. Perhaps opening it like a book.  It was expressed portability and usability is most important.
B.)    It was also brought to our attention old members who’s membership lapsed were included. Our intent was to include ALL members from last year to current since this was our first. Future directories will only include current members. A revised edition of the club application will have a “highlighted“ box to mark if you want to be left out of the club’s printed directory. Currently the option if members don’t want to be listed is available. When the revised edition of the application is done the option will be very clear. We are re-evaluating privacy & will only list number, name, forum handle, city, state, telephone, email and functions in the directory.
C.)    If you have let membership lapse and want your number to remain your number, then you must renew within 5 years. Un-renewed numbers will then be “dead” and remain that way.
D.)    A “slim down” of the member’s options/choices boxes. The least used options will be deleted, helping to keeping the printed directory “smaller” and easier to read.
E.)    Casa Lambretta has had inquires from new lambretta owners about the club when ordering parts. Alex has offered assistance in helping getting people signed up.
  1. Jamboree fees. A discussion of prorating the cost of the rally per an individual’s attendance over the rally’s weekend. A unanimous NO was expressed. It will cost one price to come to the rally, how much an individual partakes of this is his/her own choice.
  1. Crew drive. It was suggested if a current member get 5 new people to join the LCUSA, that member gets a free years membership. This is a good idea -once we can streamline or find a convient way to keep track of it we’ll probably do this.
  1. Adjusted/increased membership fee? None yet. If any an increase would go toward a Jamboree fund.
5.       Club Store. A few new items will be added to the club store. Possibilities NOTHING CONCRETE- new shirts w/ heat transfers & screen printed ones. Embroidered patches & club jackets. Enamel pins, & decals.


6.     Announcement. Robeto Morelli is our web dept board member, helping to keep this site running smooth.  Stan Obal will join the board & be in charge of reminding members to renew memberships. New  mom, Abbigail Israelsen, has offered to help here and there to assist Missi on organizing our members info, etc. in between her family & school responsibilities (thanks Abbi). So our official board members are: Kieran Walsh - President, Missi Kroge- Secretary/treasurer,  Robeto- web dept, Stan- memberships reminders, & Abbi working with us as time allows.



7.      Jamboree 2008. To be held in California in the San Francisco area, LCUSA member Craig Bachler has been hard at work gathering information and pictures. As details become available info will be announced.

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