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2009 Memebers Meeting recap




One of the main reasons to organize a Jamboree is to give Lambretists the opportunity to meet once a year and socialize with other enthusiasts from across the USA. It should be a positive experience and an opportunity to exchange thoughts, ideas, knowledge, & energy.



1. Lambretta Jamboree.


Lambretta Jamborees should be scheduled, if possible, around the last week in June. This gives members a block of time to expect the event and plan accordingly.

I’d like to make a motion to pre-plan the Jamboree locations at least two years in advance, if at all possible. This gives members that live extreme distances from the current location the knowledge that the “next one” is a Jamboree that they could possibly attend.


It’s very obvious that a Jamboree should be a Lambretta-only event.



2. A word from The Contingent. (Of course they thanked everyone and were happy everybody had a great time)



3. Hosting a Lambretta Jamboree.


Planning and hosting Lambretta Jamborees is a very serious undertaking. Certain standards and aspects will always remain the same. Other aspects and details will change per Jamboree.


Listed below are the expectations that must be met by the hosting members.


ü  An invitation with a preliminary program should be announced no later than 10 months prior to prepare the potential attendees. This will also give the host ample time to make all the proper arrangements to successfully carry out the Jamboree. (SO HOPEFULLY WE CAN HAVE A DECISION BY LATE AUGUST)


ü  Admission fees will be relative to all aspects forecasted and a price will be solidified after a cost analysis by the LCUSA President, and host’s planning committee’s representative.


ü  Ample hotels, motels, B&B’s, etc., need to available. Camping facilities with showers and toilets are a welcome addition to a city Jamboree for our camping members. Or hotels and motels being available to our non-campers at a camping Jamboree.


ü  Detailed information about the surrounding area needs to be available, e.g., gas stations, food, groceries, etc.


ü  Activities planned, relative to space & time available, gymkauna, slowrace, games, judging, etc.


ü  At least one breakfast either day


ü  Friday night meet and greet


ü  Saturday dinner. This should be an “anticipated event” -- beer, cocktails, & wine, should be available for those old enough to drink. Food should be above average, and include one full plate per attendee.  A “sit down affair” isn’t necessary; it simply needs to be “good.”


ü  One main ride for Saturday.


ü  Saturday night entertainment.


ü  Raffle to generated revenue for the LCUSA


ü  Children 8 and under are free.


ü  8-13 are expected to pay for food and any other merchandise.


ü  Hosts are expected to get sponsors. Money, physical support, equipment, property, and prizes are all acceptable sponsor-related items and material.


ü  Payments of attendees are all paid to the LCUSA


ü  Records or money spent are to be kept for any re-imbursements.


ü  A central hub needs to be established that will be an ideal place for rally goers to congregate and make repairs if needed.


 a. Not necessary but a nice touch.

o   Thursday pre-party


o   A raffle Lambretta  (MEMBERS EXPRESSED THEY WOULD LIKE A SCOOTER AND VOLUNTEERS ELECTED TO ASSIST IN GETTING ONE) (Craig said he would be willing to restore a bike for future Lammy Jammys)


o   Pick up shipped in Lambrettas.


o   A Sunday ride (Multiple rides for different bikes/skill levels, such as in-town/shopping ride, fast ride, etc.)


o   Additional  information for attendees taking an extended vacation

b. What hosts can expect from the LCUSA.


o Financial support- amount to be determined at the review of the proposal.


o T-shirts & rally bag supplies will be paid for in advance by the LCUSA. Items in the bags at a minimum include a sticker, embroidered patch, pin, and a promotional item.


o As of now signage will be provided, if this changes it will be announced.


o Help acquiring sponsors.


o Artwork.


o Guidance in the planning process.


o Providing of trophies.


4. This year’s items:


ü  The Specialist magazine is now being printed on a higher quality paper. And we are always looking for submissions. Dave Schwanke, aka The Captain, has stepped up to become the production manager, and we are looking for people to assist Dave in producing a quality magazine.


ü  We want to invite Dave up to discuss a few guidelines. (These details will be outlined in the following Gazette)


ü  The club directory has been a challenge, but I think we have finally succeeded in producing a quality directory. Thank you very much to Christina for her assistance, and she has also volunteered to help Dave in the output of The Specialist.


ü  This year has been quite a year for Lambretta recognition. We would like to mention Rudy Perez, who helped organize the Scooter Build off. Rudy really put Lambrettas in the spotlight, honoring the club by showing people how Lambrettas roll. See for photos and details.


ü  We want to congratulate J McGill Winston on winning an airline ticket to England for Eurolambretta. Give yourselves a round of applause for sending him with your donations. Plan to participate in the next one, hosted by the Lambretta Club of Spain.


ü  We want to welcome our newest shop sponsor, Jet 200 Performance. Thanks to Mark Houghton for offering Lambretta club members specific specials.


ü  And, of course, thank you to all our supporting shops—Casa Lambretta USA, Scooters Originali, Lambretta Works, Scenic City Scooters, and OTR Scooters— for their ongoing support. We couldn’t do it without you.




5. Looking back at last year’s meeting, new ideas were discussed, and these were:


ü  New club merchandise:


o        As a result of this idea, we’ve added to the club store limited run t-shirts, license plate frames, stickers, and decals.


o        Other suggestions we’re considering include embroidered patches, buttons, embroidered polo shorts, jackets, and coffee mugs. Still interested?


ü  Continue with the Eurolambretta contest


ü  Caption contest


ü  Some suggestions were brought up but never enacted. One of those is the crew drive, where a current LCUSA member who signs up 5 new members gets one free year of membership. The offer is still available, is anyone interested?


ü  Charity contest:  LCUSA reviewed the comments about this and came up with a fair and uncomplicated solution. If you have an organization or charity that you support, LCUSA will help you contribute to the cause. Starting July 1st, submit the name of your national charity organization to me (Kieran). At the 2010 Jamboree, we’ll throw the names in a hat and select one at random. The charity selected will receive $100 from the LCUSA.




6. A word from Stan and Jen. (Updating current info is a must. Wasted postage is a problem for the club. Also mailing a payment for an item with partial info is an issue. Please be specific on the items you need from the store- not “I’d like a decal and a shirt”. Size, color, and quantity – all these help get the item to you in a timely fashion. The possibility of having an all on-line registration process.)


7. LCUSA’s biggest supporter contest. Details of the biggest supporter contest: During the year members sporting LCUSA pride at rallies will be rewarded with points. At the end of the jamboree year, the 5 members with the most points win prize packs from various supporting shops, including gift certificates, tools, books, DVDS, and other prizes. The grand prize winner will also receive an LCUSA’s biggest supporter trophy.


To achieve points a member can:


o   Ride over 500 Miles round trip to a rally & get 30 points.


o   Ride over 350 Miles to a rally round trip & get 25 points.


o   Ride over 200 Miles to a rally & get 20 points.


o   Ride over 100 Miles to a rally & get 15 points.


o   Win a trophy with your Lambretta at a rally & get 15 points.


o   Have a leg shield banner on your Lambretta for the weekend & get 10 points.


o   Wear a shirt for a full rally day and get 5 points.


o   Sport a club patch or sticker and get 1 point.


o   Extra points will be awarded for anything out of the ordinary at our discretion.


     This contest starts again July 1st.



8. This year’s biggest supporter contest winners are


ü  1st place – Starr Markham, who won over $175 of tools from Scooter Originali.


ü  2nd place – Dave Schwanke, who won a 12volt BGM Stator Plate, a $95.99 value from Jet200 Performance, and a Scooter Techniques Running Maintenance DVD from Casa Lambretta USA.


ü  3rd – Mark Wilson, who won a brand new helmet from Scenic City Scooters and a 150cc Lambretta case with chaincase cover, plus an endplate from Darren at OTR


ü  4th – Eric Jones, who won over $130 in book/DVDS from Casa Lambretta USA.


ü  5th – Stan Obal, who won $150 gift certificate to Lambretta Works for in-house labor


ü  Also, an honorable mention goes to Mike Anhalt. He’ll receive a club shirt or sweatshirt.




9. New Ideas!


ü  Monthly ride pictures:


o   In the forum, we would like members to share pictures and photos of their monthly/weekly rides of them and their Lambrettas in unique locations, so we can see what we do. At the end of each month, don’t be surprised if we like your photo so much we send you a t-shirt, a sticker, or something of the sort.


ü  Services offered:


o   Appraisals. A few shops offer appraisals to customers, usually for free. But since these shops are often busy, Lambretta Club USA will start offering this service to members. Members must submit at least 6 pictures of their bike and any specific details. We will take into account condition, rarity, year, etc., and the final appraisal will be made after receiving a second opinion from a Lambretta specialist. We suggest that members are limited to 2 a year. Any additional appraisals will be a fee of $25.00 per scooter,


o   All supporting shops have the opportunity to advertise in The Specialist. Ad rates are posted on the inside cover.


o   Let’s start utilizing the Swap Meet section of the forum. This members-only section is a perk of the club membership, where members get the first opportunity to buy things posted. As a courtesy to the club, we ask members to post items in this section of the forum first. If your item doesn’t sell in the Swap Meet section, then you can post it in the For Sale section where it will be available to anyone.


o   We are currently looking to find an official insurance company, as suggested by club members in recent talks in person and on the forum. Haggerty Insurance has been suggested, and we are trying to work out the details.


ü  Any new suggestions or ideas. (Perhaps  a US Lambretta registry. Darren Lopez & Craig Brownrigg are looking into it.)




10. Closing statements and questions. (Specific meetups & times for the jamboree weekend were discussed, and thanks expressed).

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