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A little bit about me

Here is a letter I want everyone to read so that we can all be on the same page on a few things.

I must admit that I lurked for a while on this website way before I even decided to join the LCUSA and never thought I'd be involved in making any strides for this club. I thought, "Really? A Lambretta club? Ahh.... it's a bunch of people that don't live by me I'll never meet so who cares?" Riding for close to 15 years and going to rallies for over 10 years, whether it was on a Vespa, Rabbit, or Lambretta, only the folks I knew and met on a face to face level counted.

Up until myself and our scooter local community got involved with the Internet about six or seven years back I realized, "Wow the Net can really get you hooked up - finding stuff for my scooter, meeting new people, and discovering all the local clubs out there." But I was still unaware of how much love people had for Lambrettas in particular (besides the Europeans). I had an LD, a Jet200, and a Series II, and couldn't believe I had these awesome scooters sitting in the garage I could ride around town anytime I felt like it. So while this was going on in Tampa, Fl with just one guy, bigger and better stuff was going on everywhere else and the only way to find out about that was the Internet.

The VCOA was having national rallies in the late 90s. I did not see a Lambretta club (not that I was looking - at that point I was still pretty wet behind the ears to the internet as well as actual Lambretta scooters considering I had Vespas, Silver Pigeons, Rabbits, an NSU, a Bianchi, the list goes on...) but in 2003 when I heard there was a national club I was like "YES!" but I thought about it and that "who cares" mentality set in.

Only after I got on eBay, online classifieds, the BBS, and other club websites, this thought hit me like a ton of bricks - The Lambretta Club USA isn't a bunch of guys in a bunch of other states that I won't ever deal with - it's everyone! I can talk to these people online. Lambretta lovers like myself. I can ask all sorts of questions, learn a new trick or two, and get information about my bikes. That amped me to search out the LCUSA and the Net for all my lammy yearnings. I read a lot of messages on the BBS and lambretta-related sites, including the LCUSA's site, never really posting, just reading and absorbing. I wasn't some dude with oil all over my hands wondering who the heck else is doing all this? I can see the BIG picture now.

When Casa Lambretta opened in Miami, I decided the first thing I needed for my lammy will be ordered from there - this way I can see what these guys are all about. I have had good experiences at West Coast Lambretta Works and other shops and was dying to see what the "new shop in my state" was up to. My experience was very pleasant. It was only 4.5 hours away and since it was Florida's only official Lambretta-specific shop, I had to go. Missi Walker (note the maiden last name) posted on the Internet that she was looking for a few volunteers to help plan the 1st National Lambretta Jamboree and since I had just finished a planning a rally for our local club I was so juiced up on Rally-glee I couldn't say "YES I'LL HELP" fast enough. This was my first experience with the LCUSA via Missi & Jon - instantly a Lambretta bond was made. I helped out with design, gave input when needed, and joined the club. After the 1st Lammy Jammy last year I was asked if I'd be interested in being the President of the LCUSA. I was told Jay was stepping down because of personal issues and he, as well as Missi and Craig, thought I'd be a great replacement. After the board had a discussion or two, I took over Jay's position.

Since then, the second Jammy is now being planned with the VCOA. Abbi and Craig have stepped down due to family obligations, and our website has undergone many changes. Our members have gone above and beyond to help out as much as possible.

So far I have brain-stormed on what the club can use. I have come up with some ideas that will require our members help. I lurk the message board, talk to as many Lambretta folks as possible at rallies, on the phone, and wherever I can find them, and keep in touch with Missi as much as possible. Personal friends have given me advice as well as helped (you know who you are). I have been in-touch with Mark H, DC Rob, and Roberto, the web guys that make all of this possible and do this site for hours at a time without pay just because they have so much passion for the club. Thanks guys, for all you do.

But what I really want to do is get as many lambrettas fixed and on the road, seen, talked about, thought about, drooled over, and just ridden. Ridden on the Cannonball Run or just to 7-11 to get a pack of smokes (hey those things can kill ya). This club is our greatest weapon as well as tool to ensure all that happens. It's an exciting time to be involved in the LCUSA - the Lammy Jammy is a little over seven months away on July27-30th. Our plans are grandiose and bold. This is a rally you can't and don't want to miss! Our upcoming magazine, "The Specialist," will need contributions from members. Missi has a local crew in Denver well underway to get things done. Far beyond the Lammy Jammy and latest buzz there is much ground for our club to cover.

I wanted to drop a few lines here to let people know a little bit about me and what all members new and old can expect. Feel free to ask any questions or if you have any concerns or just want to say hi. I can be emailed via the board or contacted directly 813 817 3345.

Here's to the future.

Thanks- Kieran

LCUSA President

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