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I need to say THANK YOU to Kirk, Danell, & Joel at Scooter Parts Direct for all the hard work to get the Royal Purple Lambretta to the Tampa Rally for it's first viewing. After staying up all night testing, and shining it all up Danell &  Kirk finally got some sleep. Kirk finished it off then Drove it out to  Tampa ( a 9 hour drive ) to make sure it was delivered on time. I am sure there are going to be pics on under the Sleep Away Camp header. This morning I emailed Bill to put  the header up for people to post. So I am sure it will happen soon.
THANK YOU to Peroni for the wonderful Vespa they donated that was also in Tampa for viewing. I plugged Denver whenever possible. The feedback was flooring , GET READY FOR JULY- DENVER IS GONNA BE GREAT! I reminded rally goers these 2 scooters are being raffled off in Denver at the Jammy don't miss out - Register now!!
THANK YOU to all our members who are working hard on the site, the Jammy, and keeping the club active, on the front lines and back lines, to all the shops giving us discounts. Thank You!!!! Thank You!!!

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