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Jammy Follow-up

Hello fellow LCUSA Members-

I hope everyone has recovered from Denver's Jammy weekend. Weather you made it out or not, I am sure you've heard it was a smashing success!  Members were psyched at the club's commitment and their determination to put on a great rally was evident.

Having an event with the VCOA was rewarding in many ways. Seeing so many people come to Denver from all over the states, as well as other countries, was remarkable. The hospitality the local Denver people displayed made the out-of-towners feel welcomed. It was a tremendous event to pull-off and couldn't have happened without all the help we had. The Secret Servix, Peak, Jedi Knights, Ace, & Squeam scooter clubs all pitched-in to do their part. We couldn't have done it without the venues that opened their doors and let us take over - Casalambretta, Erico Motorsports, Sportique, LaBoheme, Polly Esther's, Wings Over the Rockies, the Walnut Room, and Nallens. Our sponsors, Royal Purple, Peroni, Sparks, Casa Lambretta, SPD, and Scooters O', just to name a few, really went above and beyond.  A special thanks also goes out to our member web gurus for setting-up the online registration, delivering all the up-to-date info.  Missi for organizing and keeping all the pre-registers inline  was amazing.


I could go on-and-on about all the great stuff but that would take pages, so let me just give everyone a sincere THANK YOU for being a part of such a great event. As soon as we can announce where the next Jammy will be, we will. Until then, keep supporting this club, contribute to the magazine, post on the forum and give us feedback.  This is OUR club.

That's it for now, talk to you soon-


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21 Aug 2006

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