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Jammy2007 NYC

 Why NY? Well if NY is already having a scooter rally and the LCUSA NY crew so graciously stepped up to help, these two factors have played into what exactly is going to happen. I can only thank everyone for all the kind offers they have made to host this rally. This rally "Death to Gotham" is a good venture for the club for various reasons. One of the driving factors is the LCUSA's freedom to use resources that the NY crew has already established for past rallies, hence making it easy for a national club who's member base that is so far flung to put on a rally.

The Gotham folks are passing the torch and making this their last rally and they want it to go off BIG, and what better way than to have us. Their concept for Death to Gotham is a "Vintage Rally" again - what better way than to have us. Our costs for a rally is pretty expensive, so teaming up and splitting expenses is always a good option anyway, especially is were all on the same page.

1.Vintage Scooters
2.Large enough local member base to have "physical bodies" to handle duties prior & during
3.Previous rally experience, always helps
4.Expressed loyalty from the DTG crew to assure we meet financial obligations via giving the LCUSA many "choice" options

5. A bonified want to do an "old school rally" involving swapmeet, and old fashioned hospitality

 I  like a few others envisioned  camping and thought NYC can prove to be  financially taxing, but in actuality it is definitely do-able. With our NY member base, all hotel info, lodging, and "free places to crash" will be offered to out-of-town members to ensure you can make it. But please voice all concerns and thoughts on the forum so we can tackle any issues together and make any valid suggestions that you would like to share.

So lets get geared up and get ready for the Lammy Jammy NY 2007  & Death to Gotham!

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