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Jamboree 2007

 I was just checking in with everyone. I have been lurking the board and not posting too much lately. I see murmurs about the rally in NY, & since we are getting closer to Jammy time better start getting vocal about it. Here is what I have:
 The Jammy will take place 8th-10th in Brooklyn & Manhattan. I am slow to get some of the crucial details from the NY crew, due to some info they are trying to get from venues.  As soon as I get them I will fill you in pronto.
Here is a general that can be found on

The Gotham Rally Committee in association with Lambretta Club USA is pleased to announce:

Death To Gotham / 3rd Annual Lambretta Jamboree
June 8-10
New York City

After taking off a year and observing the rapidly increasing number of people now riding scooters, and the increasing number of rallies, we’ve decided that the Gotham Rally would be better focused on a traditional, knockdown-dragout, dirty, stinking, drunken, old school rally for the old school scooterists. To that end, the Gangs of New York, in association with the Lambretta Club USA, will be presenting Death to Gotham
, an all-vintage urban rally.

This event, running from June 8-10th, will include bar crawls, a vintage swap meet, gymkhana, pub trivia, dancing, riding, and more drinking. All in a true, larger-than-life-and-twice-as-nasty New York City

Rally Rules:
*You are old enough to legally drink in a bar.
*Your scooter is old enough to legally drink in a bar.
*You drink in bars.
*You want to get drunk and party your ass off in New York City

Brought to you by the Jedi Knights Scooter Club / Checkered
Demons Scooter Club / Donne Veloci Scooter Club / Douche Bag Scooter Club / Sole Runners Scooter Club / and the Lambretta Club USA.

For info and further details go to and
That description written by Marty “The Party” has encompassed the NY vintage scooter ridier’s rally mindset.  Something tells me that these “Rally Hosts” want to show us a great time. It’s an appealing rally for the mildest to the wildest of our members.  We’ll be in NYC “the city that never sleeps” that says it all.
Hotel locations, fees, (LCUSA discounted and regular), and schedule will be ready soon so hang in there.
Please reserve your days off and get your schedule in order for this Jamboree of epic proportions.
Our Sponsors have shined thru again by giving us some great goodies. Our headlining sponsor Peroni has given us a LI125 series I. Mostly original, with a 175 top end, this raffle scooter is enough to drool over and someone will win it at the Jamboree.

That’s it as soon as I get the details I’ll get them to you.

Thanks- Kieran Walsh -LCUSA President

raffle scooer

raffle scooer

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