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Looking to become a member of the Lambretta Club USA?

Membership applications are available for download (PDF) here.
Cost of membership per year: $30

LCUSA Mission

Lambretta Club USA is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to promoting the education, preservation and enjoyment of vintage Lambretta scooters here in the USA and the world.

LCUSA’s  definition of a Lambretta is listed below in the following paragraph.

Any motorscooter made from original Innocenti tooling from 1947- 1971 or Lambrettas that were manufactured under license in such countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Chili, India and Spain, sometimes under other names but always to the original design (for example, API in India, and Siambretta in South America). Currently metal bodied, twostroke Lambrettas are still being built from “new old stock” with “re-produced vintage” parts from India.



 The mission of LCUSA:
• To encourage and provide the exchange of information and expertise to the public in the service and preservation of vintage Lambretta motor vehicles by providing the public answers and resources to Lambretta motor vehicles and all related concerns.
• To raise awareness of the historical significance of Lambretta motor vehicles and the heritage associated with their development here in the United States of America.
• To strive continually to promote the image of vintage Lambretta motor vehicles; in local communities and on state and national levels.
• To support all efforts to improve the development and distribution of vintage Lambretta motor vehicles products and services, related to the preservation and use of the vehicles.
• To support and seek to improve available vintage Lambretta motor vehicle products and services; and to refrain from attacking unfairly the products, services or methods of others.
• To encourage members to refrain from the use of misleading advertising in the sale of vintage Lambretta motor vehicle products or services; and to seek to be honest and fair in all exchanges. 




Lambretta Club USA Board Members


darrenDarren Berry

LCUSA President

mikeMike Anhalt

LCUSA VicePresident

Member #303, I started out on a vespa but soon realized there was a much better choice. Have been riding scooters for 22 years and wrenching on them on the side for the last 16. Doing everything from basic repairs to complete restorations and customs on my own bikes and developing a small customer base. Raced with the ASRA for two seasons (93-94). Forum moderator of the LCUSA since 2011, regular contributor to the Specialist magazine, credited in Stickey's book, 2nd edition "The complete spanners guide: Lambretta scooters".


Always on the lam,

Mike "grumpy225" Anhalt

sallySally Bradley

LCUSA Treasurer


Kieran Walsh

LCUSA Secretary

My name is Kieran Walsh, the former president of LCUSA 1995-2012.
Living in Tampa, Florida I ride year round when I'm not wrestling gators.
Originally born in New Jersey, I moved to Florida at the age of 13. My love for scooters started right after I graduated high school in 1991 and since then I've spent countless hours and energy riding, restoring, and destroying scooters. I am an avid scooter enthusiast, but certainly enjoy Lambrettas. Hearing other people's scooter stories and experiences is one of the best parts of being a scooterist. I can usually be found at a rally talking my head off, or on a ride during my free time. I'd like to thank everyone for the opportunity I had as president, and as a Mr. Lambretta. I plan to do my very best as secretary .So next time your at a rally and see me please stop by and say hi.

 Our general email for any questions is:


Peter Lutjen

 – Specialist Magazine Production Director 

We are always looking for submissions 

John Headley

– Social media and Gazette editor

We are always looking for submissions


Traci Miller

- Web Dept. -



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