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The Lambretta Pacemaker

This article was originally published in the 1st Quarter 96’ edition of the Italian National Club Newsletter, written by Marco Micali (member #680) and translated by Alex MacKenzie (member #14).

“Pacemaker” is the name that Lambretta Concessionaires Ltd. (official British importer) gave to the Li 150 Special in honor of the famous 60’s music group “Gerry and the Pacemakers”. Gerry and his band posed in many publicity photos organized by the British importer.

In the first published photographs, the Li 150 Special “Pacemaker” was shown with bi-color side panels and with the rest of the body painted completely white. On the legshield, under the “Special” script, is a nice and innovative raised-letter plastic “Pacemaker” badge that is glued on.

Looking closely at the scooter on the original advertising posters you will notice that the front hub is from a 200, complete with disk brake. Careful research revealed that no “Pacemakers” with disk brakes were ever sold, in fact, very few models with the bi-color side panels ever left the importer’s warehouses.

In the end, the only difference between Lambretta Li 150 Special Pacemaker ‘normal’ Li 150 Special that were sold to the British public was the “Pacemaker” sticker on the legshield.

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