It is with great sadness that I report the loss of our dear friend and club member, Craig "Skillet" Brownrigg. I know he in many ways touched so many lives here in the LCUSA, mine included. He was the type of guy that was always there to lend a hand not only with your Lambretta but your construction project, stew making technique, or just give an ear to help sort out your problems. He was well schooled, quite brilliant and passionate for the cause of sustainability in all regards. If there was ever a more chivalrous gentleman, I have yet to meet him. Though he often put off the exterior of a tough guy, he was really a big teddy bear... teddy bear with claws though. He earned the name Skillet while walking his way home after helping me cater a party. He was wielding the big cast iron skillet we used to sear the filet mignon (see aphrodisiac steak in the recipe section) when all of a sudden, a guy lurches from the shadows throwing punches attacking Brownrigg.. Clearly the guy wasnt thinking straight and needless to say, the fight didnt last long.

This post is to let you all know know that so many of his friends here have been very concerned for Angus "Shiv" Brownrigg, his young son and fellow club member... Concerned not only for the immediate and obvious loss but for ongoing support as well. So much so, that we have all decided to start a fund for people to pour their love into.

The family has just been blown away with the compassion the club has had for Angus and they are really really appreciative. So on behalf of them as well as myself, Thank you all so much.

Darren Berry. (Beat)


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